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BBN Group wishes you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival
The annual Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, BBN Group has carefully arranged the work, and has done a good job in personnel scheduling, so as not t
Sep 09, 2022
BBN steel group's annual induction meeting and birthday party in August
On August 31, 2022, BBN steel group held its August entry anniversary meeting and birthday party. Seven colleagues join BBN steel on August. And ther
Sep 03, 2022
BBN steel Birthday Party and Entry Anniversary in July
On July 20, 2022, BBN steel office staff gathered to celebrate the birthday stars of this month and the colleagues who joined in July of each year. T
Jul 22, 2022
The June anniversary of BBN steel
On June 28, 2022, BBN steel held party for our employees who joined BBN steel in June. They are Olivia, Kathy, Wendy, Katrina...More than 10 colleague
Jun 29, 2022
BBN steel helps employees build harmonious parent-child relationship
Childhood is a dream word. Innocent, carefree, childhood fun, all kinds of pure and beautiful words can be associated with childhood. On the annual Ch
Jun 01, 2022
BBN steel Summer Games give pleasant experience
In order to enrich the employees' amateur cultural life and enhance the team cohesion, the annual summer sports meeting of BBN steel group was held as
May 31, 2022
The last birthday party in 2021 - Gratitude culture of BBN steel
On Wednesday, we held the 12thbirthday party for BBN steel members. It is the last birthday party in 2021. In BBN steel, there are many employees h
Dec 18, 2021
BBN steel tour to the Red Flag Canal
The first half of 2021 has past. We have made great progress, but still have broad space to improve. In order to relax, to learn the “Red Flag Canal”
Jul 16, 2021
In June, China's steel prices showed a fluctuating downward trend as a whole
In June 2021, the PMI of China's iron and steel industry was 41.0%, with a month on month drop of 6.8 percentage points. In terms of sub indicators, t
Jul 02, 2021
BBN Group table tennis competition winners
After three weeks of fierce pursuit, on June 8, the BBN Group table tennis competition ushered in the championship and runner-up finals. In the end, J
Jun 24, 2021
Dragon Boat Festival 2021 in BBN Group
In 2021, Dragon Boat Festival falls on June 14 (Monday). China will have 3 days of public holiday from Saturday (June 12) to Monday (June 14), and we
Jun 15, 2021
BBN Steel Table Tennis Competition in May
In order to enrich the spare time life of the staff, enhance mutual understanding among the staff of various departments, enhance the team spirit, and
May 20, 2021
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