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Environmental Engineering Services

Professional Manufacturer of Separation Equipment
Comprehensive Environmental Protection Service Provider
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Integrated service provider integrating environmental engineering general contracting and operation.
BBN Environmental Protection is a professional manufacturer of separation equipment. It is a manufacturer of high-end integrated filtration equipment; the overall solution of filtration technology; the compression methods of filter presses produced include manual compression, jack compression, mechanical compression, hydraulic compression, Automatic pressure holding and advanced computer automatic program control. The filtering area is 0.5m²-2000m², and the filtering forms are: open flow, dark flow, dual use of light and dark, and two-way cross washing.
Integrated service provider integrating environmental engineering general contracting and operation.
Continuously improve product technology, improve automation and after-sales service quality
Beibang filter press is widely used in chemical, metallurgy, petroleum, ceramics, food, pharmaceutical, building materials, coal washing, sand washing and sewage treatment industries for liquid and solid separation. In order to meet the filtering needs of different users, we continue to develop and improve product technology and quality, and improve the degree of product automation and after-sales service quality. Over the years, our unremitting efforts have won the trust of customers, and our products sell well at home and abroad.
The pharmaceutical
Building materials
Coal washing
Wash the sand
Sewage treatment
Our services —— EPC Turnkey
We have rich EPC project experience, mature EPC project team, perfect processes, and control every layer of important EPC links to provide you with professional services.
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We can provide services such as enterprise production operations, employee training, team building, and production line operation management. We are professional!
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Based on the original production line, we can optimize the structure of the production line, increase production capacity at low cost, and optimize production with intelligent capacity upgrade.
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We can construct large-scale environmental protection filtration production lines, covering comprehensive services such as site survey, scheme design, engineering construction, installation and commissioning, etc.
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The company has a research laboratory dedicated to conducting scientific research and analysis on different materials in different industries and designing reasonable production process solutions.
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BBN Material Analysis and Process R &D Lab
BBN Materials Analysis and Technology Lab
The BBN laboratory has cumulatively analyzed more than 600 materials and completed more than 500 process design designs.It has provided professional services for customers in more than 800 mining, petrochemical, municipal sewage, food industry, biomedical, metallurgical and electronic industries worldwide Technical Services.
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