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BBN Group looks forward to your arrival
BBN Group welcomes and looks forward to you visiting us in Zhengzhou
Assistant services
Assistance with invitation letter
Complete itinerary arrangement, assist in
ordering air tickets and tickets.
Free accommodation
Regular Reception Process
After picking you up from the airport we’ll follow a full itinerary that ensures we make the very best of your visit to China and achieve everything you set out to do.
Pick you from the hotel and
take you our office; Visit our
Zhengzhou office building,
BBN steel company has video
room, conference room,
business reception room,
gyms, reading room and tea
room. Then we negotiation in
our comapny meeting room.
Lunch and break time.
Discuss the production and
requirement details. Then sign
order if OK.
Have dinner and drive you to
the Airport.
Note: Every itinerary is different and we will schedule yours uniquely to suit you.
Added Visit Value: Scenic Spot Tour
Along with meeting the team in our building office and visiting our Steel Mills we’ll mix in some local flavour along the way. In addition, we also can take you to visit the scenic spots in the Central Plains, like the Shaolin Temple in Songshan or Millennium City Park in Kaifeng to learn about Chinese culture. Finally, at the end of the trip, the company prepare gifts with Chinese characteristics for you, and wish you a pleasant and fulfilling journey in China.
Songshan mountain, shaolin temple

Songshan mountain, shaolin temple

Qingming river garden

Qingming river garden

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