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BBN steel ultra lightweight high-strength wheel steel helps customers reduce weight of commercial vehicles

BBN steel ultra lightweight high-strength wheel steel helps customers reduce weight of commercial vehicles
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Recently, BBN Steel launched a new generation of 800MPa ultra lightweight high-strength wheel steel domestically, which has been delivered to a well-known wheel manufacturing enterprise. The product has excellent welding performance, forming performance, and fatigue resistance, and its quality has reached the leading level in the industry, fully meeting customer needs. The commercial vehicle's ultra lightweight steel wheels produced using this product can achieve an additional 12% weight reduction compared to the widely used lightweight high-strength wheels, helping customers reduce the weight of high-strength wheels to 29kg.

Currently, with the increasing attention of the government to automotive safety and low-carbon environmental protection, automotive lightweighting has become a development trend in the automotive manufacturing industry, and high-end lightweight wheels are increasingly favored by major automotive companies.

BBN Steel strengthens high-end market research, closely monitors the demand for lightweight products in the steel wheel market, strengthens communication and coordination with customers, and collaborates with customers to develop a new generation of ultra lightweight high-strength wheel steel. The BBN Steel technology marketing team has established a special research and development team to strengthen technical communication with customers, providing integrated solutions from material design, welding process planning, cold forming processing, and fatigue simulation, and passing customer project demonstrations to high standards. In response to the strict requirements of customers for product strength, specifications, plate shape, and stability of coil performance, technical personnel adopt clean steel smelting technology in the steelmaking process, strictly control parameters such as oxygen and nitrogen gas content, and use dynamic light reduction technology in continuous casting to improve the internal quality of the billet; In the rolling process, key process controls such as strengthening the temperature uniformity of hot-rolled slab were strengthened, and a dedicated laminar cooling mode was developed to improve the shape quality and stability of the coil performance, ensuring the smooth production of new products.

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