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BBN Group implements the employment contract employment system, and signs and performs labor contracts with employees in accordance with the law. In accordance with the laws and regulations of the "Labor Contract Law", strictly implement the agreements concerning the rights and interests of employees in terms of work content, labor protection, labor remuneration, rest and vacation.

BBN Talent Management
Persistence in Talent Conce
Persistence in Talent Concept

With the beautiful vision of “building the most competitive steel company”, the wisdom and talents of 8,000 employees are gathered to enhance the pride and honor of “BBN people” in the new era. Establish the concept of "openness, tolerance, innovation, and self-reliance", and build a learning organization with positive and continuous innovation. Create "the best working environment in the industry" and make employees "the most respected corporate employees in the region."

Solving employment
Solving employment

In order to achieve the optimal allocation of labor resources and solve the problem of labor employment for the local government, more than 8,000 on-the-job employees of BBN Group have signed labor contracts in accordance with the requirements of labor law. Our employees' salary income is at a relatively high level in the local area. Among them, there are 4,580 operation and maintenance personnel, 2,720 technical business personnel, and more than 700 management personnel. The company's employees are mainly located in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Tianjin, Shandong and other provinces and regions and some overseas regions.

Talent Support Program
Talent Support Program

The company exemplaryly abides by relevant laws and regulations, respects the human rights of employees, cares for employees, and effectively protects the interests of employees. The company fully draws on the experience of market-based salary management, and based on the value of internal positions, builds a “competitive external and fair internal” salary distribution system to ensure that employees ’income has a competitive advantage in the industry and region, and promotes Enhancement of corporate strategic goals. Joint improvement is the goal of common development between employees and the company.

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