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Environmental protection

Environmental protection

BBN Group has always been committed to adopting environmentally-friendly management methods, and has implemented the concept of sustainable development throughout the entire life cycle from planning and design to operation and maintenance. In addition, we are committed to reducing the impact of business operations on the climate and optimizing the use of resources.

Our Persistence
Upholding the philosophy
Upholding the philosophy

BBN Group conscientiously implements the idea of ecological civilization, insists on putting energy saving and emission reduction in the prominent strategic position of the enterprise, and integrates into all aspects and the entire process of enterprise development. It continues to promote low-carbon environmental protection, green development, and circular development, and strives to build a resource-saving Environmentally friendly company.

Attention to safety in production
Attention to safety in production

The company has passed the ISO14001 environmental management system certification and OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification. Adhering to safe production is the primary responsibility and task of the company and each employee, and safe production is the greatest benefit. The company adheres to the concept of energy conservation, emission reduction and low carbon environmental protection. Fully implement green manufacturing, clean production, office automation systems, and advocate paperless office concepts; the plant area is planted with various flowers, trees, and greening rates of 20%, and has been hailed as a "garden-style enterprise" by the government.

Persist in environmental optimization
Persist in environmental optimization

BBN Group deeply recognizes the negative impact of various links in steel production on the environment and believes that strengthening environmental protection management is an important responsibility of the company and an important part of the company's management system. The Group continuously promotes its subsidiaries to set up an environmental accident emergency response system that is polite, orderly, fast, efficient, and unified and coordinated, and compiles and completes environmental incident emergency plans.

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