Green Procurement Guidelines
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Green Procurement Guidelines

BBN Group promotes the construction of a supply chain culture of "environmental protection, integrity, truth-seeking and innovation", following the principle of responsible purchasing, sunlight purchasing, honest purchasing, and green purchasing. The company and its suppliers have mutual trust and mutual benefit to achieve common development and build a high-quality, low-cost and stable strategic supply chain.

Responsible procurement
Responsible procurement

BBN Group regards safety and health, low-carbon energy saving as the main indicators of the supplier's evaluation system. The company has improved the supervision and evaluation mechanism for the operation of the supplier's quality system to accelerate the certification of the quality system. Strictly control the fulfillment of suppliers' environmental responsibilities, strictly evaluate the excess of trace elements of raw fuels; strengthen supplier management through incoming inspections, process random checks, etc. to eliminate environmental pollution sources. Eliminate secondary pollution; improve the level of systemic environmental protection.

Sunshine purchase
Sunshine purchase

The company fully implements open inquiry procurement, and uses online bidding platforms,BBN website and public WeChat to release public inquiry information. Supplier management implements access filing management. Introducing new cooperative suppliers through public solicitation, BBN Group conducts on-site inspections on the production capacity, equipment level, and business performance of the new cooperative suppliers. Suppliers' online registration, complaint platform, online evaluation management system and other channels are smoother, and the environment for sunlight procurement is more transparent and open.

Advocating contract spirit
Advocating contract spirit

Improve the supplier evaluation system, adjust the supplier evaluation cycle, expand the integrity and performance rating assignment weights, and guide suppliers to operate with integrity; strengthen contract performance management, standardize the contract text, improve contract performance terms, and improve the contract performance rate; establish a daily reporting system for abnormal contract performance,then the company has realized the supervision of abnormal daily contract performance.

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