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Quality Control

In order to ensure the effective operation of the quality system, the company implements the entire process quality control from raw material procurement to product delivery.

Target of supplier selection
Quality Concept

BBN Group is committed to providing customers with safe and reliable products, ensuring that the products provided meet the requirements of the environment and customers, and adopting a scientific and effective quality management system.

Supplier selection process
Safety Concept

Complying with national and local government occupational health and safety laws and regulations, and protecting employees' safety and health in production and operation activities is one of the company's goals.

Quality Management Process
Quality Management Process

From the signing of the contract, product design, raw material procurement, production organization, technological process, measurement inspection, warehouse sales to after-sales service, effective working documents were formulated and strictly controlled to achieve steel products, precision casting products, and steel structures. , Boiler containers and other product quality systems are fully covered.

Fine Production Control

While continuously increasing technological innovation, it is important to do a good job of on-site quality control, improve system management, and build a strong foundation. The steelmaking plant evaluates the normativeness of equipment, facility operation and process operations through weekly process inspections, and continuously optimizes and improves through evaluation; visual and visual management is used to enable production operators to understand and master the process operations intuitively and conveniently Information such as requirements, key points of quality control, basis for inspection and judgment, and product quality status, and timely and accurately respond accordingly; adopt punctual pull management to continuously balance and streamline production lines, streamline information flow and material flow; strengthen process point management, Transparently manage important process control parameters such as constant drawing rate, slag blocking rate, overheating pass rate, end carbon ratio, automatic casting rate, and casting rejection ratio at the plant scheduling meeting, breaking through the limitation link, stabilizing product quality, Improve performance indicators.

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