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BBN Group held the October birthday party for employees
At 4 pm on October 29th, the BBN Group company held a birthday party for the October birthday employees. They are Tiffany, Tao and Zeng. A wealth of s
Oct 30, 2020
New breakthrough of thin gauge pipeline steel
Recently, the first batch production of (API 5L X60M) L415Mgrade pipeline steel below 12mm in batch production line of 3500 mm coil was successfully d
Oct 13, 2020
BBN company staff has returned to work after National Day
Due to the arrival of National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival, in accordance with national regulations on statutory holidays and combined with the actual
Oct 10, 2020
BBN steel tour to the capital of the thirteen dynasties
Last week, BBN steel organized tour for excellent staff who made outstanding achievements in the first half of the year. The destination is Luoyang, t
Sep 03, 2020
Outward Development Training of BBN Steel in 2020
Last week, BBN steel organized Outward Development Training for Zhengzhou office staff. The family members of employees are also invited. And the chil
Jul 28, 2020
The 7th 2020 Birthday Party of BBN Steel employees
Hello! Meet again!Yes, you got it. The monthly Birthday Party of BBN Steel employees was held just now to celebrate the July "Birthday Stars". This
Jul 22, 2020
BBN steel helps to solve the problem of drinking water in the Middle East
With strongcorrosion resistance and super thermal conductivity, stainless steel and other specific steel products have become the "stars" in the large
Jul 22, 2020
BBN Group held the Dragon Boat Festival making Zongzi event
The Dragon Boat Festival, one of the four traditional Chinese festivals, is a folk festival that gathers blessings, celebrations, entertainment and fo
Jun 28, 2020
BBN Group expressed best wishes to BBN children and prepared beautiful gifts
Today is Children's Day. Children are the future of the country and the hope of the nation. In order to thank the BBN family for their support, the BB
Jun 01, 2020
BBN Group helps build 950 MW solar thermal power station in Dubai
The world's largest and most technologically advanced CSP station jointly built by China and the UAE—Dubai's 950 MW photovoltaic solar power pro
Apr 17, 2020
Anniversary of employees joined BBN steel from January to April Before year 2020
In April 15th, 2020, BBN steel company held the anniversary of its employee from January to April before the year 2020. This ceremony is held for empl
Apr 16, 2020
In response to the Belt and Road initiative, BBN Group “Going Global”
In recent years, BBN Group has always insisted on leading the market development with technological development, seizing the strategic opportunities o
Apr 07, 2020
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