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4100 tons ABS DH36 H beams to Brazil

4100 tons ABS DH36 H beams to Brazil
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4100 tons ABS DH36 H beams to Brazil
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1.Background Information
Brazil's Estaleiros Do Brasil (EBR) Shipyard Has Received An Order From Japan's Mitsui Marine Development Company (Modec) To Build And Assemble a Series Of Above-Waterline Partial Processing Modules For The Modec Floating Production, Storage And Offloading Vessel (FPSO Guanabara Mv31). After Delivery, The FPSO Guanabara Mv31 Is Expected To Be Able To Process 180,000 Barrels Of Oil And 12 Million Cubic Meters Of Gas Per Day.
BBN Group Won The Opportunity To Supply EBR With Raw Materials EH40 Steel Plate, LR a Steel Pipe And European Standard DH36 W profile H Beams. The Following is Specific Information About ABS DH36 H BEAMS:
We have successfully entered customer's BR system. At present, we are the only supplier of Marine profile steel to our customers in China.
ABS DH36 H beamsABS DH36 H beams

2. Our mill introduce
Our mill is the only profile steel manufacturer in China that has passed ABS, DNV certification, CCS hull structure steel and offshore engineering steel certification; The section steel products have also passed the examination and certification of European CE, American ASTM, Russian GOST, Japanese JIS, Korean KS, Singapore FPC and other series of standards, and obtained access qualification. Here are some offshore engineering steel certificates for you reference:
ABS DH36 H beamsABS DH36 H beams

3. H beam production in mill:
ABS DH36 H beamsABS DH36 H beams

4.The mill labeling of shipbuilding H beams:
ABS DH36 H beams

5.Inspection by mill
Our inspectors do the inspection at site, and we will send the inspection report to customer before shipment.
ABS DH36 H beams

6.Long H beam loading container which length is 12500mm:
ABS DH36 H beams

7.EN10204 3.2 ABS DH36 H beam MTC:
ABS DH36 H beams

8. ITP documents for reference:
ABS DH36 H beamsABS DH36 H beams

9.Inspection photos:
ABS DH36 H beamsABS DH36 H beamsABS DH36 H beamsABS DH36 H beamsABS DH36 H beams

10.Inspection result:

Grade Height.
Flange width
Web Thickness Tolerance(mm)
DH36 T S T S
W16X100 (W410X149) 431(-3,+5) 429.7-
265±4 265-265.6 14.9(-1.5,2.5) 25±2 14.5-14.7 24.8-24.9
W16X89 (W410X132) 425(-3,+5) 424.7-
263±4 262.9-263.3 13.3(-1.5,2.5) 22.2 12.8-12.9 21.5-21.8

The tolerance of the length of the H beam steel is 12000 (0, +100) mm, and the length of the H beam steel measured by spot check is between 12020-12045 mm. The results meet the requirements of the national standard ASTM A6/A6M-2014.

11.Packing and Label inspection
In the warehouse, the goods have been packed, and each bundle of goods is hung with labels, clearly indicating the specifications, materials and quantity, which is more conducive to the transportation and sorting of goods. look at the picture below:
ABS DH36 H beamsABS DH36 H beams

12.Our warehouse
We always keep a certain amount of H beams with different steel grade and size in stock(Shanghai warehouse) per month for our customer who need urgent delivery time.
ABS DH36 H beamsABS DH36 H beams

13.We will send H beam production plan to our customer per month as below:
ABS DH36 H beams

14.Below is the main H beam specifications that we can supply:
ABS DH36 H beamsABS DH36 H beams

BBN Group recommends 4100 tons ABS DH36 H beams to Brazil so that you can learn more about BBN Group's landing projects. You can also view all BBN Group cases , BBN Group or services .
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