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2416 Tons Cutting Steel Plates to Italy

2416 Tons Cutting Steel Plates to Italy
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2416 Tons Cutting Steel Plates to Italy
Customer feedback

The delivery speed is fast and the product quality is good.

1.Background Information:
Our customer is well-known spare parts suppliers in Europe,after import,they CNC processing,welding,assembly,painting.Their products are widely used in crane booms, telescopic booms,excavators,crushers etc. And their products widely exported to Africa and Europe countries. Main materials include: NM400/S690QL/Q690E/Q235B/Q345B, etc.

Customer technical requirements :
In strict accordance with the requirements of the drawings, the dimensional tolerance is ISO2768 cL level, and the cutting aperture tolerance is 0~ -3mm.

Because the customer's request involves a lot of materials, the thickness ranges from 10mm-150mm, and the delivery time is strict, because it is necessary to ensure a stable supply in the European market. Therefore, our inventory advantage is reflected. Our thousands of tons of inventory can ensure fast cutting and fast delivery.

And based on the advantages of equipment, we use laser cutting for below 50mm thickness, and flame cutting above 50mm thickness.

Our products help them complete supporting production quickly, reduce costs and increase market share. Since more than 2 years of cooperation, no complaints have occurred.

From the initial trial order to hundred tons per month,our cooperation is moving forward steadily.
Below please refer to finished products and application pictures:Cutting Steel PlatesCutting Steel Plates

2.Drawings:Cutting Steel PlatesCutting Steel Plates

3.Optimal Typesetting:
Due to the large number of products, combined with our technical department, we repeatedly communicated with the layout to achieve the optimal layout and reduce the generation of waste, so as to maximize the utilization rate.Cutting Steel Plates

4.Flame/Laser Cutting in Workshop:Cutting Steel Plates

For special-shaped workpieces,we made templates according to strict tolerances. There are molds for hundreds of products, which are well preserved and can be used at any time.
Laser cutting part:Cutting Steel PlatesCutting Steel PlatesCutting Steel Plates

Flame Cutting Part:Cutting Steel PlatesCutting Steel Plates

Hardness test:NM400 hardness requirements HBW370-430,all plates meet the hardness requirementsCutting Steel Plates

QC test result:
All the test results comply with the requirement of standard.
All the results meet client’s requirement, the final results of check are acceptable.

6.Packing and Delivery Pictures:Cutting Steel PlatesCutting Steel PlatesCutting Steel PlatesCutting Steel Plates

7.Loading Pictures:Cutting Steel PlatesCutting Steel Plates

8.EN10204 3.1 MTC:19-119-2

9.Original Bill of Lading:Cutting Steel PlatesCutting Steel Plates

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