Auto Spare Parts
SEBON can produce steel casting spare parts in lost wax casting (investment casting) process.We can custom spare parts according to clients’ requirement like exhaust manifolds, non-standard stainless steel exhaust pipes, auto intake manifolds, auto braking casting parts, cylinder liner sleeve, tractor, Exhaust plug castings, flange castings and rivet castings. Spare parts can be supplied in zinc-plating, blacking, spray-painting surface. We also supplied relative precision CNC machining and inspection service. Welcome to come and visit our casting foundry.

Steel Casting Specification
Application: automobile parts, motorcycle parts
Material: alloy steel, stainless steel
Surface Preparation: Zinc-plating
Machining Tolerance: +/-0.01mm
Certification: CE, ISO 9001:2000
Specification: CE
Casting Method: Lost Wax Casting, investment casting, Silica Sol Casting Process
Molding Technique: Gravity Casting
Surface Roughness: Ra0.05
Testing: Salt Spray
If you are interested in automotive braking system casting parts, welcome to send your requirement to us. We can do design, raw castings, machining and surface treatment service. Our tolerance range of ISO 8062 CT4-CT6,Weight range from 5g-5000gs.


Spare Parts Products

1. Steel Exhaust Manifolds Investment Casting Auto Parts

图片 (1)

2. Auto Intake Manifold

图片 (2)

3. Alloy steel casting high precision

图片 (3)

4. Stainless Steel Elbow

图片 (4)

5. DIN1.4308 Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifolds

图片 (5)

6. Front beam casting

图片 (6)

7. Steel Casting for Automobile

图片 (7)

8. Zinc-plating Alloy Steel Casting for Automotive Braking System

图片 (8)

9. SS304 Motorbike Oil Box Down Cap Castings

图片 (9)

10. Precision Silicon Sol Casting Exhaust System Accessories

图片 (10)

11. Auto exhaust pipe

图片 (11)

12. Carbon steel manifold for auto

图片 (12)

Provide OEM/ODM processing services
Produce casting products according to the drawings or samples

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Auto Spare Parts
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