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What is 16Mo3 steel plate

What is 16Mo3 steel plate
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16Mo3 steel plate

16Mo3 is a steel plate for pressure vessels, EN10028-2 designates grade chrome molybdenum steel alloys used at elevated operating temperatures as a material to be used as weldable steel in the manufacture of industrial boilers and stainless steel pressure vessels in the oil, gas and chemical industries.

16Mo3 steel plate is named according to the content of C (carbon) and Mo (molybdenum), which means that the carbon content of this steel plate is about 160, while the content of molybdenum is about 300. 16Mo3 belongs to European standard steel plate, executive standard: EN10028-2; number: 1.5415

16Mo3 steel plate chemical composition:
C: 0.12-0.20, Si:≤0.35, Mn: 0.4-0.9, P:≤0.025, S:≤0.01, Cu:≤0.3, Ni:≤0.3, Cr:≤0.3, Mo: 0.25-0.35, Al:≥0.02, N:≤0.012.

16Mo3 steel plate production process: smelted by electric furnace + out-of-furnace refining + vacuum degassing, fine-grain killed steel.

16Mo3 steel plate mechanical properties:
Yield strength (MPa) 372MPa
Tensile strength (MPa) 735MPa
Elongation (%) ≥22
Impact temperature (℃) 20
Impact energy toughness value (J) 335J/cm2
Tensile strength 350MPa

The size, shape, weight and allowable deviation of 16Mo3 steel plate shall comply with the provisions of EN10029, and the allowable deviation of thickness shall be in accordance with the class B deviation of EN10029.

16Mo3 steel plate is usually delivered in normalized condition. According to the negotiation between the supplier and the buyer, the delivery status can be unprocessed.

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