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Why is hot-rolled weathering steel Q355GNHD widely used?

Why is hot-rolled weathering steel Q355GNHD widely used?
Aug 19, 2021

In recent years, hot-rolled weathering steel has become more and more popular among end users of roll-formed products. Its unique appearance and naturally oxidized finish make it particularly suitable for many construction projects.

Q355GNH hot-rolled weathering steel can form a stable rust-like appearance when exposed to the weather for several years. Compared with other steels, it has higher resistance to atmospheric corrosion.

Weathering steels (3)

Q355GNHD steel features

Q355GNHD hot-rolled weathering steel is alloyed with CU, P, Cr, NI, etc., forming a protective layer on the surface of the metal substrate, which has high atmospheric corrosion resistance.

Chemical composition of Q355GNHD steel (%)

C: 0.10 Si: 0.40 Mn: 0.55 P: 0.09 S: 0.015 Cu: 0.25-0.55 Cr: 0.30-1.25 Ni: ≤0.65

Mechanical properties of Q355GNHD weathering steel plate

Yield strength (Mpa): 345-355 Tensile strength (Mpa): 490-630 Elongation (%): 22

Hot-rolled weathering steel Q355GNHD is more durable than ordinary carbon steel in outdoor conditions and is often used for exposed steel structures. Hot-rolled weathering steel eliminates the need for constant repainting and coating, reducing maintenance costs and saving costs.

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