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What is the application range of 08# carbon steel

What is the application range of 08# carbon steel
May 17, 2022

08# carbon steel

08# carbon steel is a fully static steel produced by electric furnace, open hearth or pure oxygen converter steelmaking method, and has the characteristics of excellent workability and uniform metallographic structure. 08# steel is cheap and easy to process, and is suitable for surface hardening such as high frequency quenching and flame quenching. The carbon content (mass fraction, %) of the steel is ≥ 0.4, and the wear resistance is excellent, but the ductility is reduced, and it is easy to deform and crack during quenching. Therefore, quenching is extremely important, and it must be quenched after tempering to avoid temper brittleness. The 08# steel is difficult to cut and needs to be spheroidized to improve the cutting performance. In principle, it is tempered to a hardness of 19-22HRC to facilitate machining.

08# carbon steel is a very soft carbon steel with low strength and hardness, but extremely high toughness and plasticity. 08# steel has good cold working properties and welding properties such as deep drawing, drawing, bending and upsetting. However, there is aging sensitivity, and the hardenability is extremely low. It is used to manufacture anchor bolts, plowshares, chimneys, roof panels, rivets, low carbon steel wires, sheets, welded pipes, tie rods, hooks, brackets, welded structures, etc.

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