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Uzbekistan 1970 Tons Rail R24& QU70/80/100

Uzbekistan 1970 Tons Rail R24& QU70/80/100
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Uzbekistan 1970 Tons Rail R24& QU70/80/100
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1.Background Information
This is our regular customer from Uzbekistan,we have cooperated more than 10 years, they are the largest steel importer in Uzbekistan , and they purchased a large quantity steel products from us every year.

In 2021, they purchased around 1970 tons Rails from us for a government project, and we also arrange all goods shipment by train , it only take around 15 days delivery time from Zhengzhou station to Uzbekistan Tashkent ,this delivery way is very fast.

Zhengzhou is the main transportation and railway hub in Belt and Road Policy, and our office is located in Zhengzhou city, it is very close to train station, that will be more convenient for shipment.steel Rail

2.Hot Rolled Rail Drawingsteel Railsteel Rail

3.Rail material technical information
The chemical composition of U71Mn&55Q material : (%)

Standard Grade C Si Mn P S
GB11264 55Q 0.5-0.6 0.15-0.35 ≥0.4 ≤0.040 ≤0.040
YB/T5055 U71Mn 0.65-0.76 0.15-0.58 0.70-1.4 ≤0.035 ≤0.030

The Mechanical Properties of U71Mn&55Q material :

Standard Grade Tensile Strength [MPa]
GB11264 55Q ≥685
YB/T5055 U71Mn ≥880

4.The model of Rail we can supplysteel Rail

4.Production workshopsteel Rail

6.Rail in Warehousesteel Rail

7. QC department do inspection before shipmentsteel Railsteel Rail

8.Shipment by Wagonsteel Rail

9.Mill Test Certificatesteel Railsteel Rail

10.Railway Bill &COOsteel Railsteel Rail

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