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UAE 680 Tons 316L 8K Mirror Plates

UAE 680 Tons 316L 8K Mirror Plates
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UAE 680 Tons 316L 8K Mirror Plates
Customer feedback

1.Background Information
This customer is an engineering and manufacturing company specialized in the creation of bespoke structures, architectural glass, and metal works.  We start cooperation with each other since 2021. Considering the high surface request for the stainless steel, firstly we supplied sample for customer testing and arranged third party inspection before delivery. After testing, the sample was approved and customer began to release order on regular basis. The stainless steel sheet with 8K mirror sheet is mainly used for the building construction and decoration.
316L 8K Mirror Plates
316L 8K Mirror Plates
316L 8K Mirror Plates

316L 8K Mirror Plates
3.BBN Package
In order to protect the plates surface well, and convenient for loading & unloading by customer, we use below package.
316L 8K Mirror Plates

4.BBN Label
For avoiding the label missed during the transportation, which may make customer can not track the original information of the plates. We specially stick label both inside and outside of the package.
316L 8K Mirror Plates

5.Loading into container
316L 8K Mirror Plates

6.BL for partial shipments
316L 8K Mirror Plates316L 8K Mirror Plates

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