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Mozambique-150 pieces fuel dispenser

Mozambique-150 pieces fuel dispenser
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Mozambique-150 pieces fuel dispenser
Customer feedback

The fuel dispenser works well, my friends also has interest to import from China now.

— Franz Paciente

1.Background Information
In Nov, 2018, our Mozambique customer purchased large quantity of steel sectors from BBN for building 10 units of gas station.And they purchased 30 units again for gas station in 2020. After that, we provide around 150 pieces fuel dispenser during 2021.We have been cooperate more than 5 years for providing plate and pipes and profile as beginning, and they are very satisfied with all the received Cargo.Based on strong relationship, BBN had become the the contractor to provide drawing design, raw steel material including plate, pipe and structure and fuel dispenser and installing for the tank oil project and gas station project.

2.Customer Visit Our Company Officefuel dispenserfuel dispenserfuel dispenser

3.Product Photo To Clientfuel dispenser

4.Product Inspectionfuel dispenser

5.Product Packagefuel dispenserfuel dispenser

6.Loading Photofuel dispenser

7.Bill Of Ladingfuel dispenser

8.CO Documentfuel dispenser

9.Project Case:fuel dispenserfuel dispenserfuel dispenserfuel dispenser

10.Work Shop:fuel dispenserfuel dispenserfuel dispenserfuel dispenser

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