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2650 Tons HRC Q235B Steel Coils To Philippines

2650 Tons HRC Q235B Steel Coils To Philippines
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2650 Tons HRC Q235B Steel Coils To Philippines
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Very happy for the price. Reliable company to deal with.

1.Background Information
This customer is a large spiral welded pipe manufacturer in the Philippines, with rich experience and high requirements for product quality. In June 2021, we provided very competitive prices and comprehensive after-sales service to help customers win the bidding project with a total demand of 2,650 tons of HRC Q235B steel coils. Because of the urgent demand, the customer chose to place orders in batches. We quickly arranged to give priority to the production for the customer. Together with the stock in the warehouse, we prepared 530 tons of steel coils within 10 days, and ordered the earliest ship for delivery. The remaining 2120 tons will be produced and shipped in 4 months as our client requires. Our professional QC department inspected all the goods before delivery, and sent the inspection report to the customer for confirmation. We also arranged the SGS to do inspection and issued LPSR for client. The customer is very satisfied with our service and quality.

We are still communicating with customers about other bidding projects, and BBN will continue to strongly support customers as always, because pursuing long-term cooperation is our first important goal.Q235B steel coilsQ235B steel coils

2.Henan Bebon Iron&Steel Co.,Ltd Head Office & TeamsQ235B steel coils

3.Steel Coil Rolling Mill and WarehouseQ235B steel coilsQ235B steel coils

4.Goods Label & PackingQ235B steel coilsQ235B steel coils

5.Inspection Report
Specification: Steel coil 7.6*1020*CQ235B steel coilsQ235B steel coils

Specification: Steel coil 7.0*1010*CQ235B steel coilsQ235B steel coils

6.Goods At Tianjin PortQ235B steel coilsQ235B steel coils

7.Mill Test Certificate of Q235BQ235B steel coilsQ235B steel coils

8.Original Certificate & Bill of LadingQ235B steel coilsQ235B steel coilsQ235B steel coilsQ235B steel coils

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