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Penetration thickness of S420M steel plate during welding

Penetration thickness of S420M steel plate during welding
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The penetration depth of the S420M steel plate changes with the size of the groove viewpoint. A negative number is formed for the 30 ̊ to 45 ̊ groove, and 50 ̊ is exactly zero. With the increase of the groove viewpoint, the penetration depth also increases until welding penetration occurs.

The  follows the groove viewpoint from small to large, the arc to root spacing from large to small, the unfused depth from large to small, and the penetration depth from small to large. It is not difficult to analyze. The smaller the viewpoint, the less obtuse edges need to be reduced or even left. When the viewpoint is increased, the more obtuse edges need to be appropriately increased. Therefore, the size of the viewpoint is proportional to the blunt edge. Based on the above analysis, leaving 8mm blunt edges in the view point groove of S420M steel plate below 45 ̊ cannot meet the weld requirements. It is necessary to reduce the thickness of the blunt edges to ensure weld quality, but it is difficult to control angular deformation. Although the view point groove of S420M steel plate above 70 ̊ can be fully welded, it can somewhat spoil the data. The proper groove viewpoint and the groove viewpoint meeting the desired weld quality requirements are 50 ̊ to 60 ̊.

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