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Labor Day holiday notice from May 1st, 2021

Labor Day holiday notice from May 1st, 2021
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According to the national regulations on statutory holidays, the May 1st Labor Day holiday for BBN Group employee is from May 1 (Saturday) to May 5 (Wednesday) for a total of 5 days. Work on April 25 (Sunday) and May 8 (Saturday).


GQ (3)

The summer working hours will be implemented from May 1st, and the working hours are: 8:30-11:50 in the morning and 13:30-18:00 in the afternoon.

All departments are requested to arrange their work in advance and keep mobile phones open during the holiday season. At this stage, the epidemic is still in the stage of prevention and control. Pay attention to safety and take precautions during the holidays. Hereby inform.

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