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Common advantages of A387 GR.12 CL.2 pressure vessel steel sheet

Common advantages of A387 GR.12 CL.2 pressure vessel steel sheet
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A387 GR.12 CL.2 pressure vessel steel sheet

Cold-rolled A387 GR.12 CL.2 pressure vessel steel sheet steel plates are used for parts that require a large degree of plastic deformation of the material when forming parts, and there must be no wrinkles, cracks, etc. on the surface. For different parts, use different grades of steel plates. For example, the Japanese automotive A387 GR.12 CL.2 pressure vessel steel sheet steel sheet standard is divided into three categories. The first category (SPCC) is ordinary cold-rolled steel sheet, which is usually rolled by rimmed steel, the second category (SPCD) is rolled steel sheet, and the third category (SPCE or SPCEN) ) Is a cold rolled steel sheet for deep drawing.

BBN company has implemented a resource strategy combining global resource procurement, domestic resource unified purchase, and joint purchase and distribution. It has maintained good relations of cooperation with more than 100 domestic and foreign steel mills, and can purchase low-quality and high-quality steel futures in all directions and through multiple channels. The company can grasp the specifications and quantities of the spot resources of major steel mills in real time, and can timely and quickly meet customer demand for steel spot resources.

If the distance is too close, the edge of the A387 GR.12 CL.2 pressure vessel steel sheet cut will melt, and if the heat is too far, it is easy to interrupt the cutting.When the thick plate is cut, the preheating flame should be large, and the length of the gas cutting flow should exceed 1/3 of the thickness of the workpiece.The cutting nozzle and the workpiece surface are inclined about 10°-20 °, so that the edges of the parts are heated evenly.

It is a modern high-tech professional enterprise integrating scientific research, A387 GR.12 CL.2 pressure vessel steel sheet production and sales. The company is mainly engaged in the manufacture, installation and commissioning of boiler and pressure vessel, chemical, metallurgical, petroleum and other equipment, as well as A387 GR.12 CL.2 pressure vessel steel sheet process technology development, technology transfer and related technical consulting and technical services.

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