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Chemical composition analysis of 10CrMoAl corrosion resistant marine steel

Chemical composition analysis of 10CrMoAl corrosion resistant marine steel
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10CrMoAl corrosion resistant marine steel

10CrMoAl steel is a chromium-aluminum and chromium-molybdenum steel with chromium as the main alloying element, and the chromium content is about 2% or more. 10CrMoAl steel has good seawater corrosion resistance. 10CrMoAl steel is mainly used to manufacture pipeline equipment and has strong corrosion resistance. 10CrMoAl corrosion resistant marine steel is the most ideal material for transporting water, oil and seawater media in coastal power plants, natural gas and petrochemical plants.

Chemical composition of 10CrMoAl corrosion-resistant marine steel: unit (%)
C ≤ 0.12, Mn 0.35-0.65, Ni ≤ 0.03, Si 0.2-0.5, P 0.2-0.5, S ≤ 0.025, Cr 0.8-1.2, Cu ≤ 0.03, Mo 0.2-0.35, Al 0.4-0.8

Mechanical properties of 10CrMoAl corrosion-resistant marine steel:
Tensile strength (MPa) ≥490
Yield strength (MPa) ≥323
Elongation (%) ≥17

Reasons for the corrosion resistance of 10CrMoAl steel:
1. Al (aluminum) in 10CrMoAl material can chemically react with O (oxygen) in the air to form Al2O3 (aluminum oxide), thereby forming a protective film, which is both anti-corrosion and corrosion-resistant.

2. Cr (chromium), Mo (molybdenum) and ions in 10CrMoAl steel can automatically supplement the gaps formed by Cl (chloride) ions in seawater for pitting corrosion of steel, and form a dense protective layer to prevent pitting corrosion from developing in depth. In turn, it is resistant to corrosion and prolongs its service life.

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